My Story

Sandra Cronin, Legacy holder

The story of how I started taking Essiac tea might surprise you.

I’m from southern Ontario, in Canada, and was diagnosed at the age of 11 with a rare blood disorder, Fanconi anaemia. I was on life-saving medication until it stopped working when I was 19.

Two weeks after my 20th birthday, I was diagnosed with AML leukaemia. Fortunately, a stem-cell transplant could cure the leukaemia and put my Fanconi into remission.

I was told I had a 5% chance of survival with treatment—but I told the doctors I would prove them wrong. I was treated between two hospitals in London, Ontario and Toronto for six months. My mother was my stem-cell donor and after some close calls I was well enough to go home to finish recovery.

After a full year of recovery, I was asked to join my cousin, aunt and uncle in a sustainable growing course at an ashram run by Amma, the “hugging saint”. This is where I was introduced to permaculture..

Over the years, I’ve had wonderful teachers, including a Native American healer/teacher, Isabelle Meawasige from the Ojibwa tribe, and it was directly through the Ojibwa that I was introduced to Essiac tea.

As a person with Fanconi, I am many hundreds of times times more likely to develop cancer and other health problems, so I take Essiac as a preventative and have for many years now.

I have been healthy enough to teach sustainable gardening, hold a hobby business in sustainable landscaping, and have a full-time job as a bumblebee rearer and travel the world.

I'm truly grateful for everything in my life. Even the loss of dear friends, my near-death experiences, have led me to meet the most wonderful teachers and healers from both the medical and natural worlds.

I met and married my Irish husband, who also has Fanconi. We are happily living in Ireland, where I get to share my story, what I’ve learned, and the true Essiac tea formula with others.

Victor’s Story ~ In Loving Memory 

The following is Victor’s story in his own words. Some may think that Essiac didn’t prolong his life by much according to this time line. Oh, but it did! He had a much better quality of life. He suffered much less, by far. He also came to know his calling. It all came together when Gramma Isabelle Meawasige handed him that book, “Calling of an Angel.” Victor’s calling came clear to him.

As his family, we have a lot to add to this story. The notable change in him the minute he met Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (aka Amma - The Hugging Saint), is really something to look back on. Right away, he began helping in every way he could offer. It might have been a little directionless at first, but he offered what he had. Even if it was a ride at the drop of a hat, or a computer fix that you needed, he was always there. And he would never charge unless he had to. A Tim Horton’s coffee was enough to make him happy.

Victor’s life mission found more focused direction through Essiac and helping people that were in the same boat he was - whether they could afford it or not. You see, Essiac improved Victor’s life in more ways than one. It gave him better years in health...but it also gave him better years in purpose, passion, and mission.

We miss you Uvic 

MY STORY : by Victor G. Cronin

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2014, and told they could give me 5 more years if I took the standard Hormone therapy, Radiation, Chemotherapy and/or Surgery… I declined all of those and opted instead for a clean diet, Essiac Tea, and a few other natural protocols that boost the Immune system and help treat the cancer and other ailments that may come with aging.

I had the opportunity years ago to try Cannabis Oil, it took me a couple of months to just get up to 4-5 rice-grain size drops… during that time, my PSA went from 68 to 105 That’s when I decided to stop playing around and take the whole gram of the oil about an hour before bedtime. I figured if it was going to make me dizzy, I would be asleep and wouldn’t care. Two months later, I had another PSA test and the level dropped from the 105 to 42 (but I ran out of oil and money and couldn’t get any more, so I stopped) Fortunately, it’s legal here now, and if I’m correct, with Ontario’s health care, if I get a prescription, I don’t have to pay for the oil. (also… I’m not sure that I still have the cancer.) Trying to find another doctor that is taking new patients, so that I can go to Toronto to get a 3T-MRI test done to be certain.

By the time I learned about Essiac from Native American healer/teacher, Isabelle Meawasige… my PSA had risen back up to 77 ? So I started on Essiac but soon learned that the product I chose did not have the important Sheep Sorrel roots. Doing all the research, I realized that many others would also be using sub-par herbs and started the Facebook Support group to spread the information. I would definitely recommend Essiac now.

Why I love to serve others: I have been asked often… “Why do you do so much to help others”

I met Amritanandamayi Devi (better known as Amma, the Hugging Saint) in 2007 and had the opportunity to move into her first Canadian Ashram near Toronto as soon as the Toronto group had taken possession of the property in Georgetown, Ontario.

I was excited, but… “What is an Ashram”? To find out, I was invited to the main North American Ashram in Northern California USA. I spent a month there, with people who were devoted to helping others, selflessly (meaning, not looking for reward) I sorted donated hospital supplies destined for the Aims hospital in India, one of the most state-of-the-art, modern hospitals in the world. Built by Amma devotees by her request, the Aims hospital provided free health care for the impoverished of India.

At the end of that month, the other residents asked what I was going to do next, and my reply put smiles on all their faces. I simply responded… “I don’t know what is next. I’m not the person driving this train. I’m just following wherever it is going”. No sooner had I said that, then an offer presented itself for me to go to the Ann Arbor ashram located near Detroit, Michigan (45 minutes from my home in Windsor, Ontario Canada)

I spent 2 1/2 months at that Ashram, doing light construction work with a lady named Sulma, who I learned had been to the Main Ashram in India. While I helped Sulma with the construction, I heard her stories about being around Amma, and living in such a big place as the Ashram in Amritapuri, India. At the November program in Detroit that year, I learned that the Toronto group had been given permission by Amma to purchase property for the first Canadian Ashram. My sister and I moved in as soon as they took possession, and we lived there for the next 5 years.

One cannot help but be immersed in her love, when you are responsible for taking care of something so precious as one of her Ashrams. “It is said, that an Ashram is an extension of the Guru’s body” This video shows how a simple fishermans daughter, could end up being Mother to countless millions of followers around the world, each being touched by Amma, and selflessly doing her work to aid those that need help.Embracing The World, is the name of her organization… 

Near the end of my stay at the Ashram, Amma was to visit with just a few of us living there. We would be able to ask her questions, so I had to think of what one question would be worthy to ask a selfenlightened Master… I thought and thought and finally came up with my question. Then I learned that more people would be invited to talk to Amma. I feared I would not get the chance to ask my question. Then on the day of the event… there were close to 50-60 people there. I would never get to ask my question. People were asking questions like “what flowers to plant in the garden for the bees”…

Amma glanced at me once and pointed in my direction, but silly me just turned around to see who she was pointing at. Nobody was behind me. The other Swami’s were saying it was time to go… my question would not get asked.


Just at that moment, Amma said something to Swami Dayamrita who was translating for her, and he grabbed the microphone and called me up to speak with Amma. I was floored… and Amma said something to Swami Dayamrita and he translated to me… “Amma wants to know what your question is” How did she know what I was going through… what I was thinking about?

I asked Amma my question… “What can I do to help you?”, I said. Amma grabbed me and hugged me and while caressing my hand, gave a speech on true devotion, but I had tears flowing and didn’t hear anything other than the soft voice in my head.

When I was diagnosed with Cancer, and eventually found out about Essiac and that most of the existing suppliers did not include the important roots of the Sheep Sorrel plant… I soon realized that my cancer diagnosis was a blessing. I could help Amma by teaching others about Essiac, where to get the correct herbs, and how to properly make the decoction.

“Nothing is a coincidence... everything happens for a reason”

I found that there were no suppliers in all of Canada that included the important roots of the Sheep Sorrel plant, so I went searching...

found Blue Moon Herbs in Montana

Met with Debbie Jakovac (the owner)

Learned of Mali Klein and the many books she's written, co-authored

Started a Support group to let others know about the benefits of Essiac

Became a distributor for Blue Moon Herbs for Canada

And so… *this* journey began

Written by: Victor Cronin (Aug 15 1947 - Oct 26 2020)

...And so it continues...

Love always,

Cronin family Legacy holders,

Sandra Cronin,

Cory Albert,

Katrinne Albert

Co. Waterford, Ireland